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Welcome aboard! These rules (“Terms”) apply to your use of our website (https://www.edutips.in/), mobile app, and all the goodies we offer there (together, the “Platform”). By using our Platform, you agree to follow these Terms.

Terms and Conditions for EduTips

1. Scholarship for Free!

We offer a scholarship Guidance program that doesn’t cost a dime to eligible students. Details about who can apply, how to apply, and how we choose winners are all explained on a special scholarship page on our Platform.

2. Paid Things You Can Buy

On top of the free scholarship, we also have stuff you can buy to help you ace your exams, like exam prep courses, practice tests (mock tests), ebooks, study notes, and other helpful resources. You’ll need to pay for these services.

3. Our Stuff Belongs to Us (Content Ownership)

Everything you see on the Platform, like the courses, ebooks, notes, and all that (we call it all “Content”) belongs to us or the folks who let us use it. We give you permission to use the Content for your studies, but only for yourself. You can’t copy it, share it, change it, or make new things from it without our okay.

4. Be Nice, Play Fair (User Conduct)

We want everyone to have a good experience on our Platform, so please be respectful and responsible. Here’s what’s not cool:

  • Breaking any laws or rules.
  • Copying someone else’s work (copyright stuff).
  • Posting anything mean, rude, or insulting.
  • Messing with how the Platform works.
  • Sharing your login details with others.

5. Information, Not Guarantee (Disclaimer)

The Content we provide is meant to help you learn, but it’s not professional advice. We can’t promise everything in the Content is 100% accurate or complete. How well you do in your studies is ultimately up to you.

6. We’re Not Responsible for Everything (Limitation of Liability)

If something goes wrong while you’re using the Platform or the Content, we won’t be held responsible for any damages. This includes things like direct damage, indirect damage, accidental damage, stuff that happens later because of something (consequential damage), and any punishment damages (punitive damages).

We can stop you from using the Platform at any time, for any reason, with or without telling you beforehand.

7. Your Privacy Matters (Privacy Policy)

Our Privacy Policy explains what we do with your information, how we keep it safe, and when we might share it. You can find our Privacy Policy Privacy Policy.

These Terms are the complete agreement between you and us about your use of the Platform.

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